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Women have faced the brunt of war and have decided on being part of the solution. For the past years since 2010, Cameroon has been hard hit with conflicts affecting the Extreme North, the Northwest and Southwest Regions of the country. In response to these challenges, UNSCR 1325, the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and the call to leave no one behind. 17 Cameroonian. Women after a one week residential training on conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation by Africans Rising and Action Aid Kenya, voluntarily decided to create an all-inclusive platform keeping in mind that inclusive security is forward-looking. The Movement was named ‘The Cameroon Women’s Peace Movement- CAWOPEM)’. To tackle the issues affecting their country .A Movement is hereby set up on this day 16 August 2019 amongst the undersigned persons and those who will subsequently become members thereof. The Movement shall be governed by the provisions of law No: 92/006 of August 1992 and its decree of implementation No: 92/455 /PM of 23 November 1992 for Movements and associations in Cameroon.


INSPIRED by the noble ideals which guided the founding fathers of our Continental
Organization and generations of Pan Africanists in their determination to promote unity,
solidarity, cohesion and cooperation among the peoples of Africa and African States;
CONSIDERING: The need to build women and girls of substance for Africa’s development. The need to create sustainable employment for girls and women.
REGARDING the Law No. 90-53 of 19 December 1990 on freedom of association and
movements in Cameroon; CONVINCED that the greatest wealth of Cameroon and Africa is the women and youth of its soil and that through the full and active participation of Cameroonians and Africans, we can overcome the difficulties face daily,
RECOGNIZING the efforts of the Government of the Republic and Civil Society Organizations to provide for the economic, social, cultural, spiritual and educational needs
of women and youth ;
NOTING with interest the situation of girls and Women , most of whom are unfairly treated in society because of income inequality, unequal wealth and power, unemployment and underemployment, who are infected and affected by the HIV / AIDS pandemic, living in situations of poverty and famine, victims of illiteracy, poor quality education systems,
precarious access to health and information services, violence, including violence related to gender relations, engaging in armed conflict and experiencing various forms of
RECOGNIZING that girls and women represents a partner and an essential asset for the
sustainable development, peace and prosperity of Cameroon and Africa with a unique contribution to make to present and future development;
REAFFIRMING that the continuous cultural development of Cameroon and Africa is based on its girls /women and thus requires their active and enlightened participation;
CONSCIOUS Therefore of the increasing appeals of women to participate actively in local, national, regional and international activities in order to determine their own development and the progress of society as a whole a group of Committed Cameroonians decided to create a National Network Called -CAWOPEM


A Cameroon where women unite, think and act as one for common interest for sustainable peace to return in the country.


  1. Offer diverse and innovative ways to create lasting peace, rather than focusing on humanitarian relief.
  2. Create an environment of peace and well-being for future generations and people of all races, cultures and religious creeds in Cameroon


  1. To see women, seize their rights and take the forefront to implementing long lasting peace solutions for a better Cameroon;
  2. A return to peace with Cameroonian women leading these processes in inclusivity
  3. Design and implement alternative strategies of facilitating the process of building sustainable peace in Cameroon;
  4. Women united in their diversity to implement new strategies of facilitating the process of building sustainable peace in Cameroon;
  5. CAWOPEM resulting to a strong National network of women who can influence positive change through policy improvement.


To contribute to ending violence by promoting peace through the active participation of Cameroonian women in matters of Women, Peace and Security.


In a specific way, CAWOPEM intends to provide leadership to Cameroonian women to achieve the following:

  1. Apply alternative advocacy and mediation strategies to encourage/promote sincere dialogue and peaceful resolution of existing conflicts of national interests.
  2. Reach out to all regions and divisions of Cameroon with varied peacebuilding activities by August 2025.
  3. Create a platform of all women’s peace movements in Cameroon by December 2022.
  4. Instill and promote a culture of community dialogue in Cameroonian communities as a tool for conflict prevention and conflict resolution.


To inclusively seek possible means through which Cameroonian women can advocate for a return to peace in all the 10 regions of the country faced with conflicts, Violence and Women’s Rights’ Abuse.


  • Recognizing we can’t change the centuries-old security paradigm on our own, we have developed a wide range of partnerships to broaden the nascent field of “Women, Peace, and Security.” As this field evolves and conflicts change, we remain goal-driven but opportunistic.
  • Empower women as peacebuilders and leaders in the family to transform the community, nation and world. Through the use of education, advocacy, partnership, reconciliation and humanitarian service,
  • We respond to challenges as they arise, constantly pushing the boundaries of our work and creating proven practices for all to use.


The activities of the Movement include yet not limited to the following:

  • Strengthen the will and capacity of those who shape peace and security policy.
  • Provide research and documentation. On why women inclusion matters and guidance on how it can be achieved
  • Equip women to contribute effectively to peace processes
  • Build coalitions of diverse leaders who offer practical solutions to intractable conflicts
  • Girls and Women counseling
  • Design and run Women Training and Capacity building programs.
  • Conduct Advocacy Campaigns.
  • Serve as Social consultant for target groups faced with Conflicts