South West Region – Buea General Meeting 2019

South West Region –Buea General Meeting


  • Evaluate Cawopem Buea five Months Activities
  • Project and Develop A Plan Of Action For 2020



The meeting started at 1. p.m with two Christmas Carole to grace the occasion. In an opening speech the National Coordinator of CAWOPEM Mrs. Dorothy Forsac expressed her joy for the meeting and also enlighten the members on the purpose of CAWOPEM. The meeting continued with proposing of the strategic plan of action for the year 2020 which were as follows;

  • Bring together grassroots women to join CAWOPEM using focal point from divisional, sub-divisional and district level.
  • Meeting should be held twice a year
  • Advocacy meetings should be organized
  • Monthly media sensitization of peace by CAWOPEM through the
  • Radio and TV
  • 10 days social media sensitization on silencing the guns
  • A peace match on silencing the guns should be done in January

The meeting ended with a poem on peace by Olive which graced the occasion and a closing remark from the South West Regional chair, who emphasized that every voice matter and that every woman’s voice is peace. The meeting ended with a picture session and a family meal.