Candle Light Vigil In Memory of the Victims in the Restive Regions of Cameroon 2019


  • Mobilize Women’s Voice for the Promotion of peace in Cameroon.
  • To remember all those who lost their life as a result of Arm Conflicts in Cameroon.

Women and children have been especially targeted during these crises, we have had cases of baby Martha who was shot and killed around Muyuka, Florence Ayafor killed and desecrated in Pinyin, civilians shot and killed, women and their babies shot and killed in the Extreme Northern Region of Cameroon. It is for this reason that the Cameroon Women’s Peace Movement organized a candle light Vigil in 3 regions of Cameroon in remembrance of all those who had died in Cameroon as a result of Armed conflicts. Over 200 women within the 3 regions of Cameroon lighted their candles bearing in mind these words ‘’ a candle does not lose its light, by lighting other candles’’ these candles were lit in memory of all those who had fallen due to armed conflicts.