Cameroon National Dialogue Pre-Consultation Meeting With the Prime Minister, Head of Government for Cameroon 2019


  • Bring lasting solutions to solve the ongoing crisis within Cameroon.
  • Propose a Gender sensitive solution to the different conflicts within Cameroon

During a solemn address to the nation on September 10, 2019, President Paul Biya convened a Major National Dialogue (MND). The dialogue to be piloted by the Prime Minister and Head of Government of Cameroon, Chief Joseph Dion Ngute articulates around themes that will answer the concerns of residents in the South-West and North-West Regions.

It will also bring answers to issues like bilingualism, cultural diversity, social harmony, reconstruction and development of Regions affected by the sociopolitical crisis, the education and legal systems, decentralization and local development. Issues like the return of refugees and displaced persons, demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants as well as the diaspora’s role in the country’s development.

A dialogue pre-consultation assembly saw an influx of proposals and strategies especially from women groups such as the “Cameroon Women’s Peace Movement (CAWOPEM), clamoring inter alia for gender balance at all the levels of the deliberations. These proposals notwithstanding, only 15 (18%) of all the 120 members of the 8 commissions are women, and only one youth is represented.

A percentage that completely undermines all instruments and commitments signed by Cameroon-UNSCR 1325, SDGs, AU Aspiration 2063 and others.

This under representation also corroborates existing gender discrepancies in Cameroon in political, leadership, economic and social spheres.

CAWOPEM submitted a statement to the PM and strategies on: ceasefire, continuation of dialogue and dialogue code of conduct. We proposed a dialogue continuation and ceasefire strategy, to reflect the gender, age, ethnicity, geographical origin, education and other socio-cultural diversities that make up the realities of Cameroon


National Dialogue Pre-Consultation Meeting with the Prime Minister Head of Government